Board of Directors

Name Office Term Ends * Phone
David Lawrence President 2021
(603) 609-8109
Ross Huntington Secretary 2021 (603) 329-4841
Lucia Carlisle Treasurer 2020 (603) 669-8666
Kathy Benjamin Director 2020 (603) 715-5655
Bill Kennedy Director 2022 (603) 321-0292
Ron Ouellet Director 2022 (603) 778-8991
John Pieper Director 2020 (603) 614-8065
Tink Tysor Director 2020 (401) 965-2688
Jane Verdrager Director 2020 (603) 865-5508
Sarah Widhu
Past President
  (603) 881-7518

This list does not contain email addresses because they can be scraped and used by spammers. This has happened in the past. If you need to speak to a specific member of the board use the Contact Us page on this website and your message will be forwarded to that person.

The Unit 150 Bylaws specify an office of Vice President, which is currently vacant. Anyone interested in joining the Board of Directors should use the Contact Us page or send email directly to

* Board of Directors three-year terms begin and end at the NHBA Annual Meeting, which coincides with the New Hampshire State Championship and Open Pairs.

NHBA Unit 150 Bylaws

2019 BYLAWS: Click to download

The Bylaws updated per 2019 meeting can be downloaded by clicking the link above.

The master copies of the Word source and PDF files of the Bylaws are with the Unit 150 Secretary.

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