Unacceptable Behavior on the Club or Unit Level

The following information regarding the Unit Recorder is valid only through December 31, 2019. After that there will be no Unit Recorder. Complaints will be handled by District 25. More information will be provided here when it becomes available.

Club Games
The responsibility for behavior at a club sponsored game is that of the Management of the sanctioned game (i.e. the Club Manager). If the director of the game and the Club Manager are the same person, you have nowhere else to go to voice your displeasure with the director’s handling of the incident (i.e. you have to go to the director/club manager) unless the club has a Board of Directors (e.g., it is a member owned and operated club). If such is the case, you could make a further complaint to the Club Board of Directors about the original incident and the club manager’s handling of the incident. If club management continues to do nothing about player misbehavior, your only options are to put up with it or play at another club. Player behavior for club sponsored games is the sole responsibility of the sanctioned game (club).

Note: Some members of the NHBA (Unit 150) Board of Directors feel that the rule is too strict and that the Unit Recorder should be allowed to mediate in club-level issues that are not or cannot be resolved to everyone's satisfaction. There may, however, be legal issues involved. We're looking into it.

Unit 150 Events
You may make a complaint (in writing) about the original incident to the sponsoring unit and request a disciplinary hearing. Be aware that if charges are made to the unit’s disciplinary committee, you, as the complainant, will have to appear to support (present evidence and/or testimony) your complaint. 
If the unit has a recorder, you could, instead of a written complaint to the unit, make a report (submit a player memo) to the recorder to handle the incident as he or she sees fit.  In that case, if the recorder decided to make a complaint and request a hearing, the recorder would be the complainant and you would likely appear as a witness. 
The aim of the recorder system is to establish a method of dealing with complaints that: 1) by themselves do not warrant the filing of formal charges; 2) are very serious but there is only the implication of wrongdoing without substantial evidence necessary to bring formal charges or 3) should be addressed by counseling and/or education. 

Unit 150 Recorder
The Unit 150 Recorder is Rick Weinstein. Print out a player memo, fill in both sides, and mail it to:

Rick Weinstein
75 Blevens Drive
Manchester, NH 03014

For more information
ACBL Ethics and Discipline (FAQ)
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